Me, Myself And The Saga
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This isn’t about sex or anything but my whole life my family and friends have always teased me about the size of my bum. Most of the time they were joking but after a while I took it to heart.

But now I have a boyfriend and the thing he loves most about me is my bum. It means the world to me that he loves something that my whole life I have been teased about.

So girls find a guy who loves the things you hate, coz you deserve it, and it’s really comforting and sweet :)

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what my life should be like

my life be like

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No eres la misma persona que eras, las cosas que me atraían de ti no están, pero cuando logro olvidar que las echo de menos vuelves y descolocas mi vida sin que te importe lo que me pueda afectar.

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Roses because is Monday. ✨🌹💖